Ular Tote
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Ular Tote Ular Tote Ular Tote Ular Tote Ular Tote

Ular Tote

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The perfect size Nagicia tote for daily wear and carry-on travel bag. Unique, eye-catching pattern in leather mix goes from classy for work to a standout style when jet setting. Signature snake symbol center piece brings luck and wow factor. Double straps can be worn as shoulder or handheld tote and single strap slings on the shoulder or across the body with ease. Mysticism and snakes cannot be separated.  In yoga, a coiled-up snake symbolizes Kundalini.  If one becomes very meditative, the first creature which is drawn towards that is a snake. This is the reason why you always see images of sages and seers with snakes around. It has such a sense of perception that it can perceive certain dimensions which human beings are longing and desperate to know.  All the Goddesses in the world – the Middle Eastern, North African, Mesopotamian, South Asian, Central European – are always symbolized together with snakes.

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