Ular iPad Case Snakeskin

269 USD

Ular iPad Case Snakeskin ~ Add a touch of fun with a Nagicia iPad case made of snakeskin colorblock combination. Unique curved pattern makes it a standout tech accessory. Signature snake symbol brass center piece brings luck and wow factor.

Mysticism and snakes cannot be separated.  In yoga, a coiled-up snake symbolizes Kundalini.  If one becomes very meditative, the first creature which is drawn towards that is a snake. This is the reason why you always see images of sages and seers with snakes around. It has such a sense of perception that it can perceive certain dimensions which human beings are longing and desperate to know.  All the Goddesses in the world – the Middle Eastern, North African, Mesopotamian, South Asian, Central European – are always symbolized together with snakes.

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