Rainbow Necklace

499 USD

What’s better than accessories that go with every outfit?

This necklace is not only beautiful but it has the capacity to help align your chakras and affect your mood.

Red- increases pulse and boosts energy by activating your root chakra.

Orange- connected to the sacral chakra, helps you tap into creativity, release stress, and clear blockages in your life.

Yellow- this is the perfect color to boost your confidence throughout the day. Reduce anxiety and clear your thoughts by activating your solar plexus

Green- connected to the heart chakra, this color calms your spirit and connects you to nature.

Blue- the throat chakra rules communication, loyalty, and trust. Wearing this color helps aid your ability to communicate effectively and live honestly.

Purple- connect to your higher self. This color is aligned with the crown chakra and helps soothe your soul and get in touch with your source energy- what really matters.

⭒ Sterling silver carved snake lobster clasp. 51 cm / 20" long adjustable ⭒

The 24 gems and symbols in this rainbow necklace:
1- Mother of Pearl
2- Mother of Pearl carved leaf
3- moss agate
4- red coral
5- amber
6- yellow citrine
7- infinity knot ouroboros
8- shell
9- yellow tourmaline
10- green chalcedony
11- Peruvian opal
12- lavender chalcedony
13- Colombian emerald set with lotus heart plongs
14- New Zealand Pāua
15- Afghanistan blue lapis lazuli
16- blue kyanite
17- light pink tourmaline
18- dark pink tourmaline
19- rhodolite red garnet set in lotus heart plongs
20- red ruby
21- African rhodolite garnet
22- smoky topaz
23- chromosite
24- black onyx

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