Since prehistoric times, Southeast Asians, including the Indonesians, have been acquainted with jewelry and jewelry-making techniques. Hinduism began to touch Indonesia some 2,000 years ago, bringing with it not only a new religion but also new cultural concepts. We have visual evidence of the impact this had on the islanders in the form of temples and statuary. The bodies of many statues display a variety of ornate jewelry. One of these is the tali kasta, a rope worn to betoken caste and also used as a charm with curative powers. Other items adorning the personages of royalty and the gods include crowns, necklaces, finger-and toe-arm circlets, some of which can still be seen in Javanese dance costume today.

Nagicia prides itself in working with Artisans that keeps alive the ancient techniques passed down from generation to generation. We thrive on the mutual creative collaborations.

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