Satu Cinta ~ One Love Raja~King Ring

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As vital to our existence as love itself, the ideals of family, friendship, and loyalty are fundamentals of the human experience. Nagicia's latest collection embodies these intrinsic expressions with a powerfully unique reimagining of the ultimate symbol of love and unity.

Infusing the traditional Irish Claddagh ring with ancient Balinese symbolism, Satu Cinta rings are the perfect declaration of adoration to your loved ones, your partner, or even to the island of Bali itself. The crown, heart, and hands symbolize loyalty, family, and friendship, and gifting a Satu Cinta ring to yourself or another is an outward expression of just how much you love and are loved in return.

The inside of the rings has the heart chakra carved inside.

Complimentary inscription and carved wooden gift box.

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