Melati & Isabel Wijsen ~ Founders of Bye Bye Plastic Bags


Meeting Bapak Mangku Pastika (Governor of Bali), Dr. Jane Goodall (Animal activist), Ban Ki Moon (Secretary General of the United Nations), Tyra Banks (Founder/Host of America’s Next Top Model), India Arie (Famous Singer).– Ink Talks India 2014 – Getting that standing ovation!!!– Winning the YAK + ROLE Model Awards…cool stuff – Flying the BBPB kite with all the team members…just seeing our work up there…so high in the sky…made me smile  Successfully cooperating with like-minded organizations, schools, companies, etc, towards that greener future we all see for Bali (Using the M.O.U to benefit all of us).– Meeting the President of Indonesia Mister Jokowi.– Getting some of my weekends back…Relax…Going shopping and sleepovers with my friends…you know, all the stuff normal teenagers do, haha joking, I love what I do but some time for myself sure is a goal.

5 words that come to mind when you think of Nagicia

– Tricia– Love– Grace– Jewelry– Awesome

What do you identify with from the brand and how does it connect with your lifestyle?

It is unique, original and creative. Nagicia connects with my lifestyle because it inspires me to see a woman who always wants to help people, and that she is successful in doing so.

How can you effect positive change to your day to day living?

Of course, I would tell people that the trick to making an effect to positive change would be to say NO! to plastic bags…because saying no to that plastic bag is one step further into demolishing the garbage problem in Bali…plus it’s easy to refuse those plastic bags.


5 things you can’t live without:

Family– Books– Chocolate– Smiles– NatureList 

5 fun things know one knows about you

  • 1. I enjoy doing Yoga
  • 2. My sister and I often have these little random dance parties where we blare the music.
  • 3.When I was younger I thought singing into a hairbrush was totally cool.
  • 4.My first words I learnt in Spanish were: Pescado fresco kada savado (Fresh fish every saturday)
  • 5.Bad stuff happen when I go too long with no ice cream in my system.


Bye Bye Plastic Bags started in the year 2013 in October where we kicked off at the GIN conference. Having no idea how far this journey would take us, we got on that stage and gave a speech for the first time in public. Only having received positive responses we were slowly forming a team of 25-30 other children from all different schools in Bali. The next thing you know we were invited to school assemblies, festivals, markets, conferences. Bye Bye Plastic Bags was getting into the media. Meeting with Bapak Mangku Pastika and getting him to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to reduce the use of plastic bags in Bali, was definitely a big breakthrough for our social initiative. We are excited to cooperate with many of the other green initiative, companies, schools, etc. 2015 is going to be an awesome year. Thank you Nagicia for always supporting Bye Bye Plastic Bags.

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