Wanderlust ~ Swaziland

Being somewhat confined within our borders has me feeling nostalgic and looking through all my old travel photos. Travel to South Africa in 2016 is a memorable trip as it was a dream come true to take my son on an African safari. We started in Capetown and rented a van to drive to Kruger National park, departing from Johannesburg back to Bali.

We drove through Swaziland, which I would describe as a dusty rose country with amiable locals. We stayed a few days at a Wide Horizons in Malkern I found on Airbnb built by an English ex-pat. Rose is the founder of Rosecraft Weavers,  a successful women-owned textile co-op.
She had a lovely staff who guided us on a short 2-hour hike around the hills of the property, but we kept marching on to visit his home, drinking from the streams as we ran out of water. His simple mud-walled huts had one tap and one-pot cooking over wood collected by his children. The kids also collected a plant that the grandmother pounded down all day to make a few dollars.

Our guide was quite talented and showed us sculptures hanging along the paths he had made from metal scraps and was also a woodworker. Meeting him and his family was a highlight. We also got to see wildlife up close at the pond on the property where they come every evening for their dinner.

What I learned from this experience is that one does not need material things to be kind or content. If one has more resources than another, reap the benefits of sharing. One does not need to go to school to learn a trade or create, it comes from within, and with a bit of guidance, anything is possible.


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