Mother Earth ~ A Sustainable Collection

mother earth a sustainable collection


How do you honor our planet each year for Earth Day and World Ocean Day?

Are you taking steps towards a more sustainably, carbon free future?

Here on this tiny island of Bali, we are fortunate to share our home with people and organizations that inspire real change. They make it easy and fun to participate in several efforts that improve the state of our environment while also providing information that help us to be more conscious in our daily lives. With beach and river cleanups, volunteer opportunities at local farms and chances to partner with organizations that feed and educate families with limited resources, there are many ways to get involved in improving your community.

For our latest collection we have collaborated with Mother Earth in celebration of our planet and her seas! 🌏 ⁠

{Isabel & Melati Wijsen, founders of Youthtopia & Bye Bye Plastic Bags; Kristina Dwi Suryani, founder of Kreasi.DSP and collaborator of the Mother Earth Collection }


The names featured in our collection are inspired by the seas surrounding Indonesia. This is a reflection of our commitment to clearing our waters of plastics and taking a realistic look at how we can make an impact through art and participation. We're not just aiming to create beautiful jewelry, we want our pieces to communicate our sense of responsibility and action.


Arafura Necklace


The Arafura Sea (or Arafuru Sea) lies west of the Pacific Ocean, overlying the continental shelf between Australia and Western New Guinea (also called Papua​)
Purchasing recycled products will help reduce waste, however, living a more sustainable lifestyle and refusing to use single-use plastic are ways to adjust our daily routine to help and restore our planet.⁠

Let’s make an effort every day to act more consciously and start living a greener life 🌱








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