The Lotus Heart Collection: Keeping Alive an Ancient Balinese Technique

The Lotus Heart Collection is inspired to keep alive an ancient Balinese technique.

Nagicia has chosen the traditional Balinese “plong” technique to create the Lotus Heart Collection, a technique so named for the sound of a delicate hammer stamping out each leaf individually “plong plong plong”. First, the motif is carved into the end of a silver pin, and after the hammering onto a thin sheet of silver, it is hand applied individually to the base of the jewelry piece. The effect created is one of careful craftsmanship, precise yet individual detail.

The significance of the Lotus

The lotus is an unrivaled symbol of creation, spiritual growth, and the divine within each person. Contemplating it brings the seeker closer to the mysteries of the self. reminding us of the potential we all share, the potential to bloom into fullness.

Watch the video to see how an individual lotus heart 'plong' is stamped out.


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