Birthstone and Flower for October



The birthstone for October is Opal and Tourmaline.

Opal can come in many hues ranging from white, orange, blue, black and encompassing all the colors of the rainbow.

  • The name Opal is derived from ancient Sanakrit Upala meaning precious stone and later the Greek Derivative Opallios meaning to see a change of colour.
  • Opals have been said to help estranged family members find their way home for reconciliation.
  • Opal meaning is highly regarded in many ancient cultures Hindu, Greek, Roman for its powers of foresight.
  • Opal Talisman and Amulets are considered a symbol of ever changing fortune and healing powers.
  • Opal is said to have holistic powers and gives the wearer an understanding of higher powers.
  • Opal is a rare gemstone consisting of hydrated silica. Opal is mined in Australia, Ethiopia, Mexico and Europe.
  • Opal is the Birthstone for October and is admired by business people and travelers as a safe travelling charm.
  • Opal is known as the Queen of Gemstones and is considered a semi precious stone.


mexican fire opals 

Fire Opals

The Mexican fire opal are a transparent orange, red, and yellow without any play of colour. 

boulder opan

Australian Boulder Opal comes from only one location in the world, is mined in Queensland.


The marigold is the birth flower for October.

marigold october flower

With their golden blooms and spicy scent, marigolds are a favourite with many keen gardeners. As one of autumn’s hardiest flowers, the marigold is said to represent a stubborn determination to succeed.

If your birthday is in October, you’re probably driven, passionate and creative – just like your birth flower.

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