bali street kids

A few days ago, (click here to see video) I went with Annika Kuchenbuch to visit the orphans at YKPA at one of their three locations in Kerobokan. At this orphanage, they have a total of 22 children, ages 12-18. We happily distributed donations of clothing, costumes, jewelry, and makeup, making sure everyone received something. The excitement was contagious. The housing space is ample with a dining area, but no garden. There is an adjacent shop of clothes, handmade dolls, paintings by the kids, and gifts for sale. (wait for their online store). There are a TV room and bunk bedrooms. The kids even cook themselves! They have a car to take them on outings and are excited about a waterfall trip on Jan. 3rd, which they invited us to join. Three girls remained after to chat with us, Putu, Kadek, and Echa. Echa is a massive fan of K-drama and K-pop and even speaks some Korean. Their English is excellent, and Echa especially charmed me with the Korean fan knowledge and language skills.

Your support means so much to them. Feel free to drop by for a visit – just let them know ahead of time by emailing 


The following is a list of what they wished for:

  • white socks, ankle long
  • school backpack 
  • pencils
  • notebooks A5
  • storybooks with pictures 
  • new pair of black kids shoes (one pair 175k)
  • women sanitary (we would like to find re-usable eco-cotton one’s)
  • shampoo 
  • second-hand kids clothes 
  • toys
  • sponsor for education 
  • visitors to practice English 
  • activities (come and teach or entertain)

 The following is a list of what they always need:

  • chicken
  • instant noodles
  • fruits
  • cooking oils
  • milk
  • condensed milk


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