ROMANCE: Tara & Markus of Journey Surf (chapter 1)

Tara :

I had a bit of a gypsy life - living in new places and experiencing new things was the crux of my existence.   I lived by  "never refuse an invitation, never fail to be polite, never resist the unfamiliar, and never outstay your welcome." I  had been in Bali for about six months and was relocating to Thailand.  However before my next move, I still had one Bucket List Item to check off: Surf in Indo. Someone gave me the contact details for the best surfing instructor who was this German dude named Markus.  I thought it was a joke but when I showed up for my session I knew he was different than anyone else I had ever known.  I fell in love with surfing and fell in love with my surfing instructor and everything changed.  I longed to stay and grow with someone rather than moving from place to place.  They say that "you don't know what you have until it's gone."  but it is also true that "you don't know what is missing until you find it."  When I met my husband on the beach that day, I knew I found what I had been missing all along.  A year later he proposed to me in the waves on that same beach where we met. We were married on Valentine's Day and I there was the most beautiful full moon on our wedding night.



Tara showed up to her first surf lesson with me wearing her bikini, cowboy boots, and this contagious smile!  Since that moment, it was like she awakened something in me that I hadn't realized was asleep.  Saying it was love at first sight is not correct.  It was like I already knew her. Maybe there is such a thing as past lives and in all of them - we were together in some way. 

After that meeting, I knew this life would be incomplete without her in it. 



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