Melati & Isabel Wijsen ~ Founders of Bye Bye Plastic Bags
I would tell people that the trick to making an effect to positive change would be to say NO! to plastic bags…because saying no to that plastic bag is one step further into demolishing the garbage problem in Bali
Shanti Meli ~ Because She is a Real Modern Day Witch
I feel honored to be a Nagicia Ambassadress, I love elegance, glamour and chic (I’m French) but also I love the colors the shapes and the magic in each piece.
Gail Lewis ~ Model, Actress, Blogger, DJ
Born in the West Indies, raised in the Mid-West and now West Coast based. Beauty Blogger, Model, Amateur Picture Taker and Professional Chocolate Lover.
Pearson Knight ~ Hair Stylist to the Stars
I am a Hairstylist among other things. I try to be a positive impact on those I encounter.